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Initial D: Street Stage

Honda Civic Type R (EK9)
Dice is a driver that atends a professional driving school, the Todo driving school. 
The instatute teach theirstudents the true meanine of racing. Most of the graduates that 
graduated from theinstatute usually moves on to become a professional driver. Dice's wish 
was to become thebest of all the professional drivers, he intends to achive this goal with 
his trusted andbeloved car the Honda Civic Type R (EK9 chasis). Honda motors had major 
contributions throught the history of sport cars. Their first design for the Civic EF9 Sir 
I and the EG6 SiR II was succesful, however either of them was made offcial. With both cars made 
unoffical Honda decided to create the all famous Honda Integra Type R which took the 
racing era to their feet, this car was spectacular but something better was coming down 
the road. The hatch back 3-door Honda Civic Type R (EK9) was designed to mimic the design 
of the Integra Type R, however the EK9 wieghts much less and is equiped with a 1.6L 
B16B14 engine shooting out 185HP. Not onky was the weight and the power was different,
but the whole car's origianl chasis was different too. The Honda Civic (EK9) was the 
first one to have used monocoque chasis. That means the traditional thinking of a internal
chasis holding the whole car's frame together is now changed to the outside frame of 
car. This makes a significant difference in handling and in the weight of the car. By
using this method this car has dropped a large amount of wieight, thus meaning when 
performing a drift the car is not restricted as much as other models would be. Dice 
in the game is a very good drifter. Not only does he have the well known drifting 
Honda Civic Type R (EK9) but his skills are incredible. His racing technique is unique 
to his own car, having both skill and speed together makes Dice that much difficult to 

Driver: Dice
Car: Honda Civic Type R (EK9) 


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Civic Type R (EK9)

Myogi Akagi Akina Iroha Slope

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