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Initial D: Street Stage

Mount Akagi 
Mount Akagi is the team Red Sun's home turf, which consist of series of corners and is 
considered a difficult run.In the early parts of this run it starts out nice and straight 
for your speed to pick up,however the first turn of the pass will take you off your feet! 
Since the first turn requires the user to do a perfect drift, or else the Red Suns will take 
over. After the frist drift the mountain pass finally show's it's true power. Corners are
everywhere afterthe first cornere there are several corners that shows up within an instant. 
There is also a difficult part that requries a turn and a imidiate drift right after the turn. 
This part could be done with ease if you learn how to accelerate right. Having control of 
accerlation on this mountain pass will benefit you to the maximum potential you will have 
on this mountian pass. At near the end of the mountain pass, there will be a triple corner 
that requires constant drifing to maintain speed. In the video you can see that it's not as 
difficult as it may seem, if you keep doing what you did for the pervious maps. The top
driver that you must face in this map would be K.T, R.Y's brother, he drives a similar 
car like his brother's the Mazda RX-7. Here's alittle tip when yuo challange K.T, his 
acceleration seems to be impossible to beat, however near the middle he losses some of
his speed. When this happen you will get the chance of over taking him there, do not
panic because of his distance between you and him, each good corner you complete will
bring you closer and closer to him, to the point where you over take him. Becareful 
at the triple drifts, because his skills are near perfect at that drifts. Make sure you
drift better than he does to make sure he stays behind.

Circut: Mount Akagi


Silvia K's (S13)


Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)


Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)


Civic Type R (EK9)

Myogi Akagi Akina Iroha Slope

Copyright(c).Brian Lau. 2008