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Initial D: Street Stage

Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
Tak is the second best driver in the whole entire series and games, his dad was and still is 
the first. When Initial D started, Tak was protrayed to others as a guy who doesn`t like driving 
at all. During his highschool years all of his friends would enjoy the speed of mountain 
racing, but Tak was in no intrest to mountain racing. His dad Bunta is the all around best
mountain racer that ever existed. Tak never found out until the day he took his car out 
for a race none of his own, but for a free gas of tank that his dad offered him if he 
had won the battle. Tak never found the life in racing, the main reason would be because
when he was in junior high his dad would force him to deilever tofu at the hotel near 
the end of the Akina mountain pass. Having being forced to drive Tak have no feeling 
about racing. Not until after his first race does he not feel the power within racing,
he never thought about speed and technique the same way before. After his wins against
the Red Suns he began to think of his career in racing. Tak drives the legendary 
Toyota GT-APEX (AE86). The Toyota Trueno (AE86) was created in the year of 1986, 
one of the cars lining right behind the Toyota Corollas. The Tureno was packed with a 
4 cylinder 4A-GE engine whipping out 130Ps. Not only with a powerful engine but also
the T-VIS system equiped replacing a regular car`s in take system. The car is designed 
to race and perform dirfts, thats why its equiped wtih McPherson strut style indepedent
supension, and stablaizers were added at both ends. With these parts the car can perform 
incredible drifts with absolute control. In the game no one wouldve ever thought that 
this panda colored Trueno (AE86) could ever beat the newer cars on the street. However not
only did they lose at the end, but they lose by a mile between their new cars and the
1986 crated Trueno. Tak started to take the downhill of  Akina since he was in junior
high, he had been driving there for 5 years. Having to drive the same mountain pass 
everyday for 5 years created a ever lasting map of the mountain pass in Tak`s head. He 
memorize all corners and striaght ways, he knows the absolute length of each corner and
straight ways. Nobody else can ever beat Tak on Akina, except for his father who later
showed up with a all new Subaru Imprezza WRX STI version. Even though Tak`s skills are
superior compared to any other driver, his car in fact is old. With such a old car on the 
roads racing, some of the 4WD cars can out run this beast just for the mere fact that
they`re new cars. Tak decided to join R.Y and T.K`s new team Project D to improve his driving
skills and the performance of the car. When R.Y inspects the car, he notice that there 
wasn`t much that need to be improved since the car is at it`s absolite best. The credit
for having the car in it`s top shape goes to Bunta Tak`s father, he changed everything
he can with percise calculations to the point where the car is at absolute perfect. Even having
to have said that, R.Y did change a few things to improve the Trueno (AE86). Thus in the game Tak
is a engenius driver, not until you race all the way up to Mount Akina will you not face this true
legend. The first time you ever face him, you will be able to feel the true power of the downhill 
speed. Tak makes almost no mistakes, until at the 5 hairpin turns does he truely looses a small 
amount of speed, this might be your advantage. Though the next time when you face him once again
at Iroha Slope things are much different. The second time you see him would be, after him joining the
Project D team and having to gain all that experience and a all new Tureno (AE86) thats tuned personally
by R.Y he is by far much more difficult. The difficulty the second time you face him would be very obvious
because this time he makes absolutly no mistakes! None what so ever, the only way you can beat him is when
you dont make mistake and take those corners Better than he does. This kind of technique is extremly hard to
develope, lots of practise is needed. Having to develope those skills makes you the king of the game. Since
When you face Tak the second time he would be the last opponent you would ever have to face to beat the game.

Driver: Tak (Before Joining project D)
Car: Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)

Driver: Tak (After Joining Project D)
Car: Toyota Truneo GT-APEX (AE86)


Silvia K's (S13)


Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)


Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)


Civic Type R (EK9)

Myogi Akagi Akina Iroha Slope

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