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Initial D: Street Stage

Iroha Slope

This slope is nothing but turns and corners, almost every second of this map is corners. 
Thus there is a great amount of skill that is required for you to beat this course. Every drift of this slope are all hairpin drifts but many consecutive ones, it seems as if the slope is never ending. The Iroha Slope belongs to tbe team "Emperor" which drives the mistubishis which gives them the advantage of 4WD and great power. There is nothing more to this slope than just drifitng and passing corners after corners. The first oppnent seems easy for you, because its there to show you what the course is like. After you have beaten the first oppnent, the second will be much harder and until you get to Cine. He is the best of that slope, not only is he perfect in the slope but he added the "Shortcut" of how to pass those hairpin turns. Once you get the hang of drifting all those hairpin corners try to copy his style of short cutting those turns. He seems quite fast in the beginning, since you don't know how to past the fast Toyota MR-2 G-Limited (SW20), but once you get the hang of the shortcuts, this map wouldn't be too bad. I suggest on time attacking this course before racing anyone, because when you do race someone that is fimiliar of the slope, you will see nothing but dust coming off their tires. Drifting into a hairpin corner is either to gain speed or to retain the speed that you originally have. With no experience on this slope and hope to win by luck will make regret. After a few trys on trying to get the course right, but you still don't get the how to drift right. Watch the video again, I showed both bad drifts and good drifts. which shows you the results of too early for the turn, or too late for the turn. The timing has to be exact for the car to drift nicly into the corner and out.
Circut: Iroha Slope Difficulty:*********


Silvia K's (S13)


Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)


Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)


Civic Type R (EK9)

Myogi Akagi Akina Iroha Slope

Copyright(c).Brian Lau. 2008